Brush Cleansing Wipes


Newly designed in a compact, travel-friendly wipe, the classic Artis Brush Cleanser provides superior cleaning on the go.

As with our original brush cleansing formula, these wipe/towelettes are saturated with a formula that easily and effectively dissolves makeup product residue in order to help thoroughly clean and sanitize the CosmeFibre® bundle. After using the Wipe on the fibre bundle, wipe your brush fibre tips across the Brush Cleaning Pad to further remove any remaining residue. The brush fibres should  dry in a matter of minutes. Each pack contains 30 Wipes, each measuring 15.5 cm X 19.5 cm.

To use: Remove Wipe from pouch and reseal pack. Gently massage the brush fibres with the Wipe/towelette to help dissolve makeup residue. Then wipe the brush fibres over your Brush Cleaning Pad to remove any excess residue. Dispose of the Wipe/towelette in the trash. Set brush aside to let dry in minutes. If a slight cleanser residue accumulates on the fibres over time, simply rinse the fibres thoroughly under warm running water, reshape, and let dry.

Please note: this product contains fragrance.