The Premier


Artis brushes are beautifully designed not just in their performance, but also in their presentation. The art is not just the end result, but the entire process.

Featuring Artis’ most luxe collection, this limited edition holiday gift set includes the Artis Fluenta 9-Brush Set plus a crowd favorite: the Fluenta Oval 7. Enjoy these ten handcrafted Fluenta brushes as well as a large Silver Travel Case, two festive silver brush slippers, Brush Cleansing Foam, Brush Cleansing Wipes, and Premier Brush Cleaning Pad.

Celebrate the luxe design and creativity of the holiday season with an upgrade to any beautifully curated vanity.

The Premier Gift Set includes: 

Fluenta 9 Brush Set 

Fluenta Oval 7 

Premiere Brush Cleaning Pad

Brush Cleansing Foam

Brush Cleansing Wipes

Large Slipper

Small Slipper

Silver Travel Case in Large