Open to all working professional makeup artists who can provide copies of any two of the proofs of profession. Makeup Artist discount expires 2 years from approval.

Proofs Of Profession For Makeup Artist Discount

Please provide copies of two of the following along with photo identification:

• Magazine tear sheet with name credit*
• Program or call sheet
• Comp Card
• Union membership card
• Proof of agency representation (letter from agent or link to roster)
• Website (gallery-sites or Facebook not valid)
• Blank Contract
• IMDb Credit
*Name credit: document must state makeup artist’s legal name.


Open to all beauty industry professionals who are required to use make up in their career or craft, including: estheticians, cosmetologists, salon/spa professionals, and cosmetic retail employees who can provide a copy of any one proof of profession. Industry discount expires 1 year from approval.


Open to students and licensed graduates of accredited schools of cosmetics, cosmetology and esthetics. Letter of enrollment copy (including dates and courses) will be required. Student memberships expires 1 year from approval.

*Proofs Of Profession For Industry Discount/Student Discount

• Current paystub [cosmetic retail employees]
• Letter of employment from salon owner
• Professional license
• Diploma [student discount- only valid up to 6 months after graduation]