Artis Favorites

Our “Artis Favorites” are limited edition sets featuring our team’s curated of-the-moment kits, created through the lens of the Artis philosophy of Better Beauty, by Design.

This fall, Artis power couple, Founder Jeremy Adelman and General Manager Leigh Parrinello Adelman, bring you their favorite on-the-go kit for fall travel. Featuring two versions of the iconic Palm Brush Mini, the couple’s perfect multitasking stowaway, in our two newest finishes Rose Gold and Matte Black. 

This kit streamlines your beauty packing ritual with a brush that can be used for anything from makeup to moisturizer. Whether you're buying this duo for yourself or preparing your carry-on to share, this set crosses multiple items off your packing list with one stylish, purposeful brush.

The Artis Favorites Set includes:

Valued at $133. Promotions may not apply.