Better Skincare, by Design Set


Whether your skin is bronzed to perfection or hidden under a wide-brimmed cap, we know that summer means more attention to all the skin you're showing (or hiding) from the sun. What’s the secret ingredient for activating your best summer skincare routine? The limited edition Better Skincare, by Artis is carefully curated to equip you with the tools you need to truly step into your summer skin.

Designed especially for skincare, the Digit Skincare Brushes are the center of this essential set. Each brush provides an option for soothing, hydrating and protecting all skin types. The fibres of the proprietary CosmeFibre bundles boast a proprietary coating, designed to maintain the formulas of skincare products, while improving brush clean-up of tricky serums, creams and oils. These CosmeFibre bundles are densely packed, and each fibre comes to a microscopic tip, to a ensure that you get the most even application of that protective sunscreen.

The Better Skincare by Design Set comes with a coffret display that inspires you to enjoy the simple rituals of skincare all summer, plus a cleaning system for brush care.

Embrace the summer state of mind with a skincare ritual that lets you feel good about enjoying the sunny season. We call that, Better Beauty, by Design.