The BrushCraft Essentials


Value of: $181.00


Broaden any beauty ritual with an array of brushes from the Artis BrushCraft Collection. Perfectly paired with go-to cleaning products and the just-released, large Silver Travel Case - this essentials collection awakens and inspires with ease.

 Embrace the fluid, minimal style of the BrushCraft Collection with five of our most popular brushes: the Oval 6, Oval 7 and Oval 3, plus the indispensable Circle 1R and Linear 1. This gift set delivers a combination of BrushCraft essentials that cover broad strokes such as foundation and contour, a sweeping highlighter or thoughtful lid, and the important accents like a playful pout or structured brow.

The accessories make brush care and carry simple, with the Artis Brush Cleansing Foam, and its counterpart, the Essential Cleaning Pad, plus the large Silver Travel Case. The ‘The BrushCraft Essentials’ are the perfect beauty set for embracing beauty at home and on the road.

The BrushCraft Essentials Gift Set Includes: 

BrushCraft Oval 6

BrushCraft Oval 7

BrushCraft Oval 3

BrushCraft Circle 1R

BrushCraft Linear 1

Large Silver Travel Case 

Brush Cleansing Foam  

Brush Cleansing Essential Pad